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Howard C McFarland, CPA
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Seasoned, entrepreneurial financial executive, with 30 years of accounting, finance and operations experience in private industry and public accounting serving large and middle-market, public and private, foreign and domestic enterprises, consulting, mergers and acquisitions and financial restructuring.


Twenty-one plus years self-employed as a temporary accounting and finance professional providing a variety of traditional and special services to enterprises on a part-time or interim basis, including traditional accounting and financial reporting, specialized financial analysis and business management.


Thirteen years with a “Big Four” accounting firm, with experience in auditing and accounting and corporate taxes, mergers and acquisitions and financial restructuring.

Independent Professional in Support of:

 Interim Accounting, Finance & Tax Projects
 Turnarounds & Debt Restructuring
 CFO/Controller/Analysts for Rent
 Operations & Marketing
 M&A and Divestments
 Litigation & Forensic

Independent Professional Providing Support to:
 Lenders - Banks & Finance Companies
 Private Equity Groups
 Business Enterprises (Private or Public)
 CPA Firms
 Law & Other Professional Firms
 Small & Emerging Businesses
  Gov't Economic Development Agencies

Why use an independent outside professional?

  1. The company wants a short-term problem solved quickly, but its own staff is limited by skill or time constraints.  The company receives time-sensitive analysis and recommendations based on expertise in the field – without putting other projects on hold.

  2. The company wants an objective viewpoint on an important business problem.  The company receives an external analysis of the problem – and expert recommendations on solving it – from someone with no position to defend in an organization’s hierarchy.

  3. The company has seasonal or erratically encountered problems that are most sensibly addressed by hiring interim staff on an as-needed basis – as opposed to hiring a new full-time employee.  The company receives reliable service over a period of time without committing to a full-time position.

Our Approach

Our approach is to facilitate; not command and control.  Your management team (including outside

advisors) will continue to operate independently, making decisions based on their knowledge and

intuition of the resources, market, customers and competitors. We provide quantitative methods and

tools and strategic and tactical oversight to improve efficiencies, evolve strategies/tactics and identify

and bridge disconnects within the organization.  Our efforts are to evolve your team’s experience and

intuition to a higher plane.  Given today’s difficult times your long-term collective experience and

intuition CAN be enough to get you through. However, when your intuition is combined with quantitative

methods and oversight provided by independent and objective outside professionals your chances of

success are greatly improved. Interestingly, we believe that quantitative methods and tools, alone,

(without the intuition of existing management) are rarely successful.

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